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At Home with Nylah & Taryn

07 Apr 2024

Hi Taryn! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your adorable Staffy companion?

I am a girl in her 30’s whose entire income goes towards Nylah my biological child! 

We are both very active, love outdoor activities daily! Both very social so wherever I am, you’ll be sure to see Nylah there too! 

What's your favourite thing about being a Staffy owner?

The love you get. All dogs give a lot of love. But there is something that hits little different from a Staffy!

What inspired you to start sharing Nylah’s adventures on social media?

I was in awe of her beauty!! Her smile!! I had to share her with the world. And just like me, everyone fell in love with her.

Could you share some tips for fellow Staffy owners on how to keep their pups happy, healthy, and entertained for? 

Staffies aren’t hard to keep happy, they are happy 24/7, they’re grateful for everything! But to release their energy they need regular walks.. and if walks can’t happen mind stimulating games and plenty of toys!

Try hiding treats around the house! As well as licky mats, treat dispensing toys, frozen treats! A lot of Staffies can have allergies so I recommended finding their triggers to keep them comfortable 

We'd love to hear about some of your favorite activities to do with Nylah?

My favourite thing is watching Nylah off lead, running free! We will find ovals or quiet tracks where Nylah can be free! 

Have you faced any challenges or misconceptions about Staffies during your journey as a dog owner? How do you address them?

Absolutely we have, we have other dog owners cross the road and look at Nylah like she is a monster, won’t let their dogs say hello or play.. we also get a lot of negative comments on Instagram against the breed. 

"If one amazing thing Nylah has taught me. Is not to retaliate or let it affect me. She has taught me patience. She is happy no matter what life throws at her so therefore I am too!" 


Finally, what advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about welcoming a Staffy into their life?

They need to learn about the breed. They are high energy and need their minds stimulated! With training, they love to learn and are eager to please their owners! 

Socialise them from a young age! And give them all the love you have! All they ever really want is to be loved! 

You can follow Nylah & Taryn's journey on socials here

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