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At Home with Archie & Ollie

22 May 2024

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your adorable Staffy companions? 

Hi Happy Staffy Co, thanks for having us! My name is Isabella and my husband Stephen and I have two fur babies Archie and Ollie. Archie, our 4 year old boy is the most loyal, food driven, affectionate pup!

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved dogs, but have never had the opportunity to own one, so Archie is actually the first dog I have ever had! Our second puppy, Ollie, is one years old, and he has the funniest, goofiest, and carefree personality. He has a crazy obsession with balls, and he will make anyone feel like his best friend. 


What's your favourite thing about being a Staffy owner?

I absolutely love the different personalities and the human-like traits Staffies have. The way Archie and Ollie's facial expression says so much about what they are thinking and wanting, always brings a smile to our face! We also love their big hearts and how deep they love.

Our boys always have an eye on us, accompanying us in boring everyday tasks like washing, cleaning, cooking, watching tv, and even going to the toilet! 

What inspired you to start sharing the boy’s adventures on social media?

We started Archie and Ollie's Instagram back in 2020 when Archie was a puppy. It was initially just to document our precious pup, and to share his adventures with our families.

We did not expect the following we currently have, but we are so grateful that we have such awesome followers all over the world who are interested in our boy's lives and enjoy seeing what they get up to! We feel so privileged to be able to share the true fun loving personalities of Staffies through our page too. 


Could you share some tips for fellow Staffy owners on how to keep their pups happy, healthy, and entertained for?

We love seeing our boys healthy and mentally stimulated! When they were puppies, they did have allergies and sore tummies frequently, so we looked into a balanced diet that also promotes gut health.

Now, our boys' diet consists of raw feeding, coconut oil, greek yoghurt, fish oil and single protein treats that we dehydrate ourselves (with the boys' close supervision of course!). We have found that this works best for our pups, they rarely get sick, they are lean, and their coats are always so shiny!

When Archie and Ollie are mentally stimulated, they are the happiest, calm, and cuddly dogs. We do this by making sure they are mentally occupied using Happy Staffy Co treat dispensing toys, or interactive licking toys and licki mats.

The boys also love their chew toys from Happy Staffy, they are the boys' go to when picking out their favourite toys and this has prevented them from chewing our furniture! Our Ollie even brings the chew toys to his bed and cuddles them to sleep. 

We'd love to hear about some of your favourite activities to do with your pups! Any memorable adventures you can share?

We love going to the beach and park with Archie and Ollie! They are so happy when running free, jumping in the ocean and playing fetch with their balls. Our most memorable adventure is showing Ollie the beach for the first time.

He was so scared of the waves initially, but Archie showed him how to wave jump, and now he will dive right in with no fear! We also love training the boys and teaching them new tricks. They are such fast learners and love it when they master a new skill! 


What are some of the essential products you rely on and use every day? 

We use the Happy Staffy Co Bowls everyday for Archie and Ollie's meals. They are such good quality, and of a decent depth and width! We can fit so much in the bowls and we also love that they are insulated so it keeps their meat fresh.

The boys play with the Happy Staffy Co Toys everyday, whether it is to tug and chew together, or to bring it to their beds for some alone chew time, they always pick their favourites out of their toy box. In the evenings after work, we will bring the boys out for their afternoon play or walk, and we rely on the well made, comfortable and personalised harnesses for the boys!

Then every night, the boys will cuddle on their favourite orthopedic foam bed from, they love it more than our bed! 

Have you faced any challenges or misconceptions about Staffies during your journey as a dog owner? How do you address them?

Unfortunately, we have many friends, and even family members who were 'scared' of Staffies, as they had the preconception that they are aggressive dogs.

However, this idea changed so quickly when they met Archie and Ollie, and discovered their big loving, friendly and baby-like personalities! They wouldn't hurt a fly! When we are out for walks, or at the park, we have seen people cross the road with their dogs, or pick them up to keep away from us, however, we just keep our heads high and keep walking or playing!

For us, the best way to address these misconceptions from people is to show them the gentle, loving nature Staffies have, and not give these ignorant people and their ideas any attention - as they have clearly never experienced a Staffy lick, cuddle or unconditional love!

Find Archie & Ollie on Instagram here.

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