UFO Treat Dispenser

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Galactic Swirl
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Introducing the UFO Slow Feeder: A treat-dispensing sensation that takes playtime to new heights!

Made from rubber, this UFO-shaped toy is designed to challenge and engage your pup's mind while providing tasty rewards.

Its unique design has a hole in the top and bottom designed to be filled with treats or kibble.

Watch as your dog rolls, nudges, and paws at the UFO to release hidden treats, making a fun, stimulating and rewarding experience.

This UFO is not designed to be used as a chew toy but more as an IQ enhancement toy. 

Give your dog the out-of-this-world experience with the UFO Slow Feeder. Elevate playtime and treat time with this cosmic delight! 🛸

UFO Treat Dispenser

UFO Treat Dispenser


UFO Treat Dispenser

Colour: Galactic Swirl

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 274 reviews
    Carlene Lippross
    Best bed

    Love this bed and the dog loves it to

    Adam Cullen

    Just what I wanted. Great toys for my American staffy and British bulldog they love them thanks

    Margaret Williams

    Elsie has already chewed some of the crocodile tail. She is chewing everything. She made the wheel squeak and spent the next hour trying to do it again. I’m glad these toys are tough, she’s relentless

    Skullie bone..

    Excellent quality, im impressed.More importantly my dog is impressed.

    Sharon Charters
    Test Run in Progress

    Just arrive surprised at the size and weight of the toys … in a good way.
    MAC currently doing the testing one by one