Sniff'n'Seek Snuffle Mat

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Happy Staffy Co's Sniff'n'Seek Snuffle Mat is the perfect way to entertain your pup!

This interactive mat is designed to provide your furry friend with mental stimulation and enrichment, making it a great addition to their daily routine.

The Sniff'n'Seek Snuffle Mat features multiple rows of polar fleece strips and pockets sewn onto a round non-skid base. 

Creating folds that make great hiding spots for treats or kibble. This allows your dog to sniff & snuffle as they forage through to find their treats. 

This not only keeps them mentally engaged but also provides a fun and rewarding experience for them.

The durable and washable fabric is made from high-quality materials, providing your pup with a safe and comfortable place to play.

We know your pet's happiness and well-being are important to you and we’re confident that the Happy Staffy Co  Sniff'n'Seek Snuffle Mat will help to enhance their daily life. 

Size - 42cm x 42cm

Cold hand wash

Disclaimer: This is not a chew toy. Supervise your pet while using this snuffle mat. If the mat becomes damaged, remove it from your pet.
Sniff'n'Seek Snuffle Mat

Sniff'n'Seek Snuffle Mat


Sniff'n'Seek Snuffle Mat


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    Why Happy Staffy Rainbow Snuffle matt?

    Our Rainbow Snuffle Mat is designed to provide loads of fun aswell as some awesome health benefits.

    Reduces stress

    Initiates sniffing and foraging centres of the brain, which are pleasurable for dogs and can relieve stress. Especially on those days when exercise may be restricted.

    Mental stimulation

    Can alleviate destructive behaviour and keep your fur child mentally stimulated while activating up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose which provides amazing enrichment for your pup.

    Encourage slower eating habits.

    Placing your dog's treats or dry food in the snuffle mat creates an environment where your dog has to follow their nose and work for their food.

    Customer Reviews

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    Thank you so much for providing quality products for our beautiful blue staffy to love, & many thanks for the excellent customer service as well. Will be back :)

    Comfy enough for me to sleep in!!

    This bed is amazing! Easy ordering process, great value for money, fast delivery and products are as per descriptions. Its better than most human beds, my baby boy now has the most luxurious bed in the house. Thanks Happy Staffy

    Selina Tanner
    Goats horn

    My boy loves this and it lasts a very long time, well the first one did, he is about to start his 2nd, I certainly do have a Happy Staffy

    She absolutely loves it!

    Our lulu loves her new bed, she started doing zoomies when she first sat on it !

    Taleah Hita

    My puppies love this bed! So glad I brought it for them