Ronaldog Soccer Ball

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Our famous Soccer Ball is one of our most sought after toys for a reason.
Usually part of our Limited Edition Toy Box Collection, this toy has gone solo due to popular demand.

New and improved tug handles make this the perfect interactive toy to take on your next adventure.

Oh, and did we mention it glows in the dark? Score!

Ronaldog Soccer Ball

Ronaldog Soccer Ball


Ronaldog Soccer Ball


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    Why Choose Happy Staffy Co Toys?

    After designing and rigorously testing hundreds of toys on our very own pups, we've become experts in knowing what dogs adore. Our Soccer Ball is a testament to this expertise, offering an ideal blend of amusement and interactive play. Plus, it comes with an exciting glow-in-the-dark feature that pups simply can't resist!
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    Soccer ball

    Our Ronaldog soccer ball, equipped with special grab tags, is perfect for interactive play. Your pup can easily grab onto it, making the "Staffy Shake" even more enjoyable and precise.

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    Perfect for Interactive Play

    The interactive soccer ball from Happy Staffy Co is designed to engage your dog in stimulating play sessions, promoting mental agility and physical exercise. Make bonding time even more enjoyable with this dynamic toy!

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    Glow in Dark

    Transforms playtime into a glow-in-the-dark extravaganza. Perfect for nighttime play or indoor fun, it adds an exciting twist to your pup's entertainment. Watch your furry friend chase, pounce, and enjoy endless fun in the dark!


    Soft & plush toys provide a sense of comfort for your puppy allowing them to nurture and cuddle their toys.


    Fetch is proven to strengthen the bond with your dog whilst burning lots of energy for a good night's sleep.

    Dental Health

    Regular use of these toys will help massage your dog's gums and reduce the chances of harmful bacteria or plaque forming on their teeth.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 796 reviews
    Glen Schollum
    Dolly loves it

    Opened the box and put it on our bedroom floor. She jumped off the bed, and climbed in. It hasn’t even inflated yet! Since her cage got to small in last month she’s been wanting to sleep with us. She used to hang out till 11-12pm, then I’d go downstairs, she’d follow and climb in cage. Now I can’t get her in with a treat or peanut butter!
    Within 10 mins she’s settled in with a blanket and going to sleep! Such good quality and warm. Now she won’t sleep on me and fart all night!

    Thanks Glen for the great review, and I just love your story. So happy for your doggo that she feels loved and secure!!!

    Paquita B.
    Treat & Toy combo

    Both dogs absolutely loved the treats and are having a great time playing with their new toys.

    Susan Hunt
    Awesome seat cover

    Well made, durable cover at a good price. It fits beautifully and my Staffy loves it.

    Becca Mackay

    Best indestructible toys! We’ve tried so many different ‘indestructible’ toys before any they’ve only lasted 5 mins or a couple of days! These have lasted ages and keep my dog throughly entertained!

    Some survived my staffy

    My Staffy has an incredibly strong chew and has destroyed every extreme chew toy we have bought. I was hopeful with this box of possibilities. Within 15 minutes of opening the box, he had already ripped pieces off the blue rubber ball. The next toy he chose was the carrot which lasted a night of chewing before he’d torn one of the rubber rings off. On the third night he chose the chicken drumstick and ripped into it pretty quickly. He ingests anything with rubber so these toys have been binned. He is now onto the baseball bat. The sound seems to have caught his interest and so far no pieces have been torn off.

    Hi Emma,

    Thanks for your review! Sounds like you've got an extreme chewer on your hands!

    We're so glad the bat is holding up! If your pup is known to get through rubber quickly, we'd recommend sticking to the Chewzilla Certified Toys in future (the collection the bat came in). These are our toughest toys and come with a replacement gurantee if your doggo does manage to destroy them. The good news about the Power Chewer Toys though, is once the rubber has been removed, you've got a Chewzilla Toy underneath which should last a very long time!

    Let me know how you go! Thanks :)