Ronaldog Soccer Ball

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Ronaldog Soccer ball -

Our famous Soccer Ball is one of our most sought after toys for a reason.
Usually part of our Limited Edition Toy Box Collection, this toy has gone solo due to popular demand.

New and improved tug handles make this the perfect interactive toy to take on your next adventure.

Oh, and did we mention it glows in the dark? Score!

Ronaldog Soccer Ball

Ronaldog Soccer Ball


Ronaldog Soccer Ball


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    Why Choose Happy Staffy Co Toys?

    After designing and rigorously testing hundreds of toys on our very own pups, we've become experts in knowing what dogs adore. Our Soccer Ball is a testament to this expertise, offering an ideal blend of amusement and interactive play. Plus, it comes with an exciting glow-in-the-dark feature that pups simply can't resist!
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    Soccer ball

    Our Ronaldog soccer ball, equipped with special grab tags, is perfect for interactive play. Your pup can easily grab onto it, making the "Staffy Shake" even more enjoyable and precise.

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    Perfect for Interactive Play

    The interactive soccer ball from Happy Staffy Co is designed to engage your dog in stimulating play sessions, promoting mental agility and physical exercise. Make bonding time even more enjoyable with this dynamic toy!

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    Glow in Dark

    Transforms playtime into a glow-in-the-dark extravaganza. Perfect for nighttime play or indoor fun, it adds an exciting twist to your pup's entertainment. Watch your furry friend chase, pounce, and enjoy endless fun in the dark!


    Soft & plush toys provide a sense of comfort for your puppy allowing them to nurture and cuddle their toys.


    Fetch is proven to strengthen the bond with your dog whilst burning lots of energy for a good night's sleep.

    Dental Health

    Regular use of these toys will help massage your dog's gums and reduce the chances of harmful bacteria or plaque forming on their teeth.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 441 reviews
    Leonie Colebatch
    Goat horn

    My American staffy is a very strong chewer. No chewtoys or soft toys survive more than a few minutes, but goat horns last her for at least a month, they are well chewed down but still chewable. She loves them and will chew for ages. They are a great price from happy staffy as well, we go through quite a few. But then staffie's are made to be spoilt. Who can resist that staffy smile 😃

    Jacqueline Ryan

    Very happy with our box of goodies, they will survive far longer than store bought

    Good quality sturdy bowls

    Worth the money in my opinion dishwasher safe and hold a great amount of water and food. Nice modern look too and stronger than a ceramic bowl for those pups that like to tip their bowls up.

    Ned Grundy
    Love your products

    Alfie is so in love with your products that he knows the boxes when they arrive and he bites holes in the boxes and cries with excitement! We love it! Thanks!

    Aw thanks Ned! We absolutely love Alfie's smile! Such a cutie!

    Michelle Williams
    Chewzilla Certified Toy Box

    My staffy is OBSESSED with her new toys. Especially the crocodile. She was loving it so much, she wouldn't even come when I called her for a a walk haha! She is going to have so much fun with her toy box. Thank you Happy Staffy Co for making such beautiful tough toys for our pups.