Leather Care Guide


Cozmotron Pets gear is made from premium Italian bridle leather. We guarantee that our leather is highly resilient and that typical weather will not damage it. Collars and leashes are carefully conditioned before being packed and sent to you.


Extra Care Guide

When your dog's collar or leash becomes dirty or wet during use, gently wipe it with a clean damp cloth afterwards and let it air dry.

If the leather appears dull and dry, apply a little amount of leather conditioner and smooth it in gently with a clean cotton cloth for a better polished look.

The hardware on collars and leashes might dull over time depending on how often they are used. When this happens, a small amount of metal polish restores the shine and eliminates minor scratches.



Although new products may not require treatment, leather conditioners will soften the leather and allow it to break in faster.

Expect that light-colored leathers will naturally darken but beautifully age depending on the usage.

For your dog’s gear to last longer, we discourage regular exposure to water/dirt while wearing the collars. When this happens, always remember to thoroughly clean it afterwards. Please avoid your dog’s gears from getting exposed to chlorinated liquids or saltwater. Also, leaving the gear completely wet or in direct heat can cause it to dry out and damage the product. 

Do not leave your dog unattended since leather is a very appealing material for gnawing and this will void the gear’s guarantee.