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Benefits of an orthopedic memory foam bed for your dog

28 Jul 2023
4 years ago, our oldest Staffy Skyla was experiencing joint pain and was limping when getting out of her bed.

We tried multiple different beds to try to support her but none of them were quite right. Aside from not helping her pain, the beds were either too high, would sag, or were easily destroyed by our young puppy within a matter of months.

That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands by developing a bed that was both supportive and durable (along with a bunch of other Staffy approved products).

After 8 months of testing multiple bed prototypes and A LOT of back and forth with our supplier we finally had a finished product. The bed not only catered to the unique needs of our Staffies, but was a hit with our friend’s dogs as well. We knew it was perfect when one of our more needy pups stopped sneaking into our bed during the night.

We might be bias, but here’s 5 reasons we think Happy Staffy Beds are better than any other dog bed you’ll find.

Benefits of an orthopedic memory foam bed for your dog


Superior Orthopedic Support

Staffies, like many other dog breeds, are prone to certain orthopedic conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. A deluxe orthopedic bed offers unparalleled support by utilising high-quality orthopedic memory foam.

These materials conform to your Staffy's body (especially the raised sides which offer support without making the bed too high off the ground) relieving pressure points and promoting proper alignment of the spine.

By reducing the strain on their joints, an orthopedic bed can help alleviate discomfort and improve overall mobility, ensuring a healthier and more active lifestyle for your furry companion.

Happy Staffy Memory Foam Bed Layers

Pain Relief and Joint Health

As your Staffy ages, they may develop joint issues or experience aches and pains.

A deluxe orthopedic bed can play a significant role in providing pain relief and supporting their joint health. If you’ve ever experienced any of these issues yourself, we can imagine you’d prefer to sleep on a soft, supportive bed rather than the hard ground! The specialised foam used in our beds absorbs the impact of your Staffy's movements, preventing stress on their joints and minimising pain.

The superior cushioning also aids in reducing inflammation, allowing for faster recovery and easing discomfort associated with conditions such as arthritis.

Hygiene and Durability

Our deluxe orthopedic bed is designed with hygiene and durability in mind. Machine-washable covers make it easy to keep your pup's bed clean and fresh. 

We were also determined to design a bed that didn't need frequent replacing, which is why we opted for a waterproof inner in case of accidents or muddy paws. The Happy Staffy Bed is tough enough to withstand frequent use, but soft enough for daily snuggles. 

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Staffy owners know that this breed can often suffer from separation anxiety or general stress.

An orthopedic bed can serve as a safe haven and a calming retreat for your furry friend. The soft and comforting surface can help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. Having a designated space that belongs solely to your Staffy can provide them with a sense of security and ownership, aiding in anxiety management.

Happy Tip: For anxious dogs, try adding a item of your clothing (or anything that smells like you) to your dog’s bed next time you leave the house.

Optimal Comfort and Quality Sleep

We know dogs love their sleep and a memory foam bed ensures your Staffy experiences the epitome of comfort. The plush and supportive foam contours to their body, cradling them in a cocoon of softness.

The luxurious materials used in these beds offer a warm and cosy surface, inviting your Staffy to snuggle in and relax. By providing a comfortable and secure sleep environment, an orthopedic bed helps your furry friend achieve deep, uninterrupted sleep, which is vital for their physical and mental health.

By prioritising your Staffy's sleep and ensuring they have a comfortable resting place, you are contributing to their overall happiness and quality of life. Treat your best mate to the luxury they deserve with a Happy Staffy Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed.

Gift your pup one today! Check them out here  🙌🏻
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