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5 Ways Our Aussie Made Treats Will Improve Your Pup's Health

15 Jan 2024

When it comes to keeping you and your Staffy happy, studies show that positive reinforcement is a great way to not only reward your Staffy for their good behaviour, but also foster a bond between the two of you.

Cuddles, kind words, and loving pats are wonderful ways to show your bestie they’re doing a great job at learning as well as being their super cute selves. And, like us, dogs love treats because most doggies are highly food motivated.

Your dog deserves only the best things in life, every day. That’s why Happy Staffy Co’s Aussie made treats delight your Staffy’s tastebuds and tummy, and that means you can be confident you’re taking care of your doggy’s well-being while rewarding and delighting them for being their Happy Staffy self!

Paws up for who wants treats that are:

Single Protein For Easier Digestion
Treat time should be a delight for both taste AND digestion. That’s why Happy Staffy Co treats are single protein because these kinds of treats tend to be easier to digest for your Staffy.

Tasty and Good For Them
Happy Staffy Co treats are free from preservatives, additives, and all nasties because we believe yummy treats should be good for you too! Our Natural Treat Box serves up a variety of treats to keep your staffy very happy!

Sustainably Sourced
We firmly believe all Staffies should enjoy a beautiful world. That’s why at Happy Staffy Co, we are committed to sourcing sustainable products that employ low waste practices so you and your pup can contribute to a more sustainable way to live your best lives.

Human Grade Treats
You wouldn’t want to eat anything that’s not up to scratch, and we know you want the best for your pup. That’s why our treats are made to the highest consumption standards and meet Human Grade Standard.

Packed With Nutrition And Deliciousness
Treat your dog to joint, skin, heart, and brain health with Happy Staffy Co treats. Packed with omegas, zinc, Vitamin B12, and other essential vitamins and minerals, your Happy Staffy will be happy dancing on the inside and outside every time you treat them!

Shop our Aussie Made, preservative free treats here

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